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Shifa Living means “living that heals”.

Services at Shifa Living guides that process

Individual Therapy

Best for when your mental health symptoms negatively impact your day-to-day functioning.  You will notice problems in important relationships at work, at home, and if you are a student, at school.  You may have tried to alleviate symptoms and/or tried to improve your circumstances but not experiencing the relief you desire.  You also may find it uncomfortable to talk to friends and family about the things that bother you.

Group Therapy

Best for when you want the support of others while receiving mental health treatment.  A safe and supportive environment is created, and each group is facilitated by a professional.  Participants share challenges in treatment, provide supportive feedback, practice showing compassion, share useful information/resources, help each other facilitate change and experience other curative factors.  

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation offers a respectful and constructive alternative to traditional divorce court. A trained mediator helps couples find practical and fair solutions that work for both parties. This service is best suited for uncontested divorces.


Best for when you want a deep dive into psychological topics and receive professional guidance in understanding mental health themes.  Knowledge about ways you can enrich yourself or relationships is provided in a structured, class-oriented format at a comfortable pace.  Questions are welcome and discussion is encouraged.  Treatment for specific problems is not provided.  


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